Why ESG Standards Matter: Transform Your Business with Data-Driven Sustainability Solutions

January 30, 2024
March 11, 2024
3 minutes
Brooke Skillan
Team Coordinator

‍In today's business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards hold significant importance, shaping investor perception, financial outcomes, and brand reputation. For asset managers in the real estate industry, meeting ESG goals is paramount. However, the challenges they face, from high operating costs to meeting sustainability targets, often seem insurmountable. Enter DataKwip, a game-changer in the field of data-driven solutions, empowering asset managers to navigate these challenges effectively.


Asset managers in the real estate industry are at the forefront of the battle against rising operating costs and the imperative to meet ESG standards. Yet, traditional approaches fall short in addressing these challenges effectively. At DataKwip, we understand these frustrations and offer innovative solutions to revolutionize how asset managers tackle sustainability goals.

The Problem:

Asset managers face a myriad of obstacles, from a lack of visibility into asset operations to the pressure of meeting ESG standards amidst rising energy costs. Traditional approaches, such as capital projects, are costly and time-consuming, leaving asset managers searching for more efficient solutions.

Our Point of View:

DataKwip offers a transformative solution, leveraging data and technology to drive sustainability. Unlike capital projects, our approach focuses on maximizing existing resources, helping asset managers reduce energy consumption, operating costs, and carbon footprint by 30%. With DataKwip, asset managers gain real-time insights into operations, enabling informed decisions and successful sustainability initiatives.

How We Solve the Problem:

At DataKwip, we empower asset managers with a comprehensive suite of tools, from virtual submetering to ECM discovery, facilitating energy-saving opportunities and maximizing utility incentives. Our data-driven approach ensures transparency, predictability, and long-term sustainability, helping asset managers achieve their ESG goals while enhancing profitability.


ESG standards are not just a checkbox; they are a strategic imperative for businesses. With DataKwip by their side, asset managers can embrace sustainability with confidence, knowing they have the tools and expertise to succeed in a rapidly evolving landscape.

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