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"One of the things that sets Datakwip apart ... is how much they own most of the complexities in the beginning as well as on an ongoing basis.  The little or no upfront cost for new projects and short term ROI is a significant differentiator as well. Datakwip is there taking the initiative to ensure ECC and our customers are realizing the maximum value."

Bob Jennings
CEO, Energy Cost Controls

“Working with Datakwip was very straightforward in its implementation and integration with our legacy EMS and BAS systems. The results, ROI, and overall value, that we realized in short order, was well beyond what we considered achievable.”

Ray Rosson
Regional Chief Engineer, Brandywine  

"I turned to Datakwip as a supporting partner for our solutions and consider them to be an outstanding resource and an even better partner to work with.  Their advanced analytics platform is second to none and we know our customers will get the greatest ongoing value by having Datakwip as part of our solutions partnering team."

Whit Blake
Regional Director, ABM

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