Give your building data a voice.

Datakwip integrates with your existing systems and fills in your data gaps to provide energy consumption, cost, and improvement insights — no hardware needed.

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Double click on the colored areas of the chart to preview how Datakwip's patented virtual submetering technology enables users to find opportunities from their data.

Rapid onboarding

As long as all requirements are met, Datakwip can onboard a building in less than 24 hours.

No hardware needed

Datakwip requires no hardware to integrate or analyze data within your building.

No upfront costs

Datakwip doesn't charge partners any upfront costs for onboarding due to the efficiency of our technology.

Scalable onboarding

The Datakwip team's onboarding process is able to onboard one or many buildings simultaneously.

Patent pending virtual submetering

Datakwip's leverages existing data to produce real-time, energy profiles for every energy consuming device.

Visual rules engine

Every Datakwip Partner or end Customer can easily create their own analytical rules, test, and automatically scale.


From out-of-the-box visualizations to custom dashboards, Datakwip represents any system or sub-system of data.

ECM Modeling

Datakwip allows for Customers to run their own models again energy conservation measures.

Personalized customer support

The Datakwip support and solutions team is hands on with Partners and Customers to ensure success.

Easy implementation

From building connectivity and data tagging to rules matrix reviews and status reports, Datakwip is here to help.

No additional cost

There is no additional cost to our Partner to leverage our managed services.

Collaborative at the core

Datakwip collaborates with its Partners and end Customers to determine the best working relationship.
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Partner with Datakwip and offer it as a service

Datakwip partners with a variety of energy sustainability champions in the industry in order to build a better future including, but not limited to:

Energy companies looking to add a software to their services
Building automation system integrators or contractors to enhance their existing services
Real estate companies looking to achieve government mandated regulations
Consulting firms striving to make an impact on sustainability efforts
Partner with Datakwip

Integrating your building with Datakwip

Datakwip works with building owners, property managers, asset managers, building engineers, and heads of sustainability to breakdown the complexities of day-to-day building operations, maximize efficiency, and reduce energy impact.
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“Working with Datakwip was very straightforward in its implementation and integration with our legacy EMS and BAS systems. The results, ROI, and overall value, that we realized in short order, was well beyond what we considered achievable.”

Ray Rosson
Regional Chief Engineer, Brandywine  

Detect. Reveal. Implement.

It's time to integrate with Datakwip to uncover your building's granular data story.
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day rapid onboarding
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Dive into Datakwip

From Datakwip's patent pending virtual submetering technology to our visual rules engine, we provide full value and control — no hardware needed.

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Chat with Datakwip

Datakwip's team will show you how you can save an average of 15% on energy costs using the systems you already have. Schedule a chat with our team.

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Detect. Implement. Reveal.
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