Our values


Through mutual respect, we work together as a team to constantly improve our platform and positively impact the environment.


We deliver consistent results to our customers by meeting and exceeding each other’s expectations.


Every line of effort we pursue is defined by the difference it will make in our customers’ lives.


Our personal growth is the key to the continuous improvement of our product and superior results for our customers.


We see progress and success as one and the same. The end goal is to keep working with our customers to do new and exciting things.

How we’re different

Founded in 2015, Datakwip set out to radically lower energy consumption through technology. Existing solutions in the market like whole building energy metering, IoT sensors, digital energy audits, and energy analytics were disjointed and lacked the context required to drive change.

With Datakwip's integration and analytical capabilities, building owners and engineers could find ways to detect, plan, implement, and track energy improvements in their facilities.

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The Datakwip story, so far

Datakwip started a consulting firm, but soon transformed into one of the top advanced analytics technology companies in the industry led by industry veterans with over 50 years of combined experience.
Datakwip is founded by Cory Perdue
Datakwip invests into building an advanced analytics platform
Datakwip's platform is launched and team works with first utility enabling incentive program
Datakwip releases partner-first and partner-enabled tools to expedite building onboarding
First VAD and OEM partners join the Datakwip ecosystem

We believe in harnessing the power of your existing data.

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