Unveiling the Secrets to Cost Savings: Asset Managers' Journey from Inefficient Energy Use

January 30, 2024
February 12, 2024
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Brooke Skillan
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Discover how Asset Managers in the Real Estate industry have transformed their approach to energy efficiency, leading to significant cost savings. Learn about the challenges they faced in the past and the data-driven solutions they now use to optimize building performance and achieve sustainability goals. With DataKwip's innovative tools and expertise, Asset Managers can reduce operating costs, increase profitability, and exceed sustainability targets.

Unveiling the Secrets to Cost Savings: Asset Managers' Journey from Inefficient Energy Use

At DataKwip, we empower Asset Managers in the Real Estate industry to reduce operating costs and meet their decarbonization goals. With our data-driven solutions, they can optimize building performance, increase profitability, and exceed their sustainability goals. We understand their frustrations of high operating costs and the challenges in meeting ESG goals. Our data-driven approach combines low-cost energy reduction strategies, fast payback, and access to utility rebates and incentives. We provide Asset Managers with the tools and expertise they need to be seen as climate-friendly organizations and leaders in the industry. With DataKwip, Asset Managers can lower costs, increase profits, and create a more sustainable future for their buildings and business.

Past vs. Present: Uncovering the Evolution of Energy Efficiency in Real Estate Management

In the past, Asset Managers in the Real Estate industry faced significant challenges when it came to inefficient energy use in their portfolios. They struggled with high operating costs, limited visibility into building performance, and a lack of effective strategies to reduce energy waste. However, with the advent of data-driven solutions, Asset Managers now have the opportunity to transform their approach and achieve substantial cost savings.

Past: The Challenges of Inefficient Energy Use

Asset Managers used to rely on outdated methods to address inefficient energy use in their buildings. These methods included capital projects that required significant upfront investment and had long payback periods. Asset Managers often struggled to verify the effectiveness of these projects and faced challenges in meeting their sustainability goals. Additionally, the lack of real-time visibility into building operations made it difficult to identify specific energy-saving opportunities and measure the impact of energy-saving initiatives.

Present: The Data-Driven Approach

Today, Asset Managers have access to advanced data-driven solutions that enable them to optimize building performance and reduce energy waste. DataKwip, a leading provider of data-driven solutions for Asset Managers, offers a comprehensive suite of tools and expertise to help Asset Managers achieve their decarbonization goals.

Operational Visibility

With DataKwip's data integration and cloud platform, Asset Managers can gain real-time remote awareness of building operations. They can monitor energy consumption, equipment status, and other relevant data points to identify potential energy-saving opportunities and make informed decisions.

Energy Savings Opportunities

DataKwip's virtual submetering feature allows Asset Managers to track energy usage across different areas of their buildings without the need for additional hardware installation. This visibility helps identify areas of high energy consumption and enables Asset Managers to implement targeted energy-saving strategies.

Low and No-Cost Energy Efficiency Improvements

DataKwip's ECM discovery feature quantifies specific no and low-cost energy-saving opportunities in dollars and carbon. This allows Asset Managers to prioritize energy efficiency measures that provide the highest return on investment. By implementing these cost-effective strategies, Asset Managers can significantly reduce operating costs and achieve their sustainability goals.

Implementation and Verification

DataKwip provides implementation and verification services to ensure that energy-saving initiatives are successfully implemented and deliver the expected results. By maximizing utility incentives and rebates, Asset Managers can further enhance their cost savings and accelerate their return on investment.

The Benefits for Asset Managers

By adopting a data-driven approach with DataKwip, Asset Managers can unlock several benefits for their portfolios and businesses:

  1. Cost Savings: Asset Managers can significantly reduce operating costs by implementing targeted energy-saving strategies and prioritizing low and no-cost efficiency improvements.
  2. Increased Profitability: By lowering energy consumption and optimizing building performance, Asset Managers can increase profitability and maximize the value of their assets.
  3. Exceeding Sustainability Goals: DataKwip's data-driven solutions enable Asset Managers to exceed their sustainability goals and be recognized as climate-friendly organizations and leaders in the industry.


The journey of Asset Managers from inefficient energy use to cost savings is a testament to the power of data-driven solutions. By leveraging advanced technologies and adopting a data-driven approach, Asset Managers now have the tools and expertise to optimize building performance, reduce operating costs, and achieve their sustainability goals. With DataKwip as their trusted partner, Asset Managers can create a more sustainable future for their buildings and businesses while maximizing profitability.

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