Revolutionize Your Asset Management: Reduce Expenses, Increase Profits, and Optimize Building Performance

January 30, 2024
November 13, 2023
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Brooke Skillan
Team Coordinator

Asset Managers in the Real Estate industry face numerous challenges when it comes to reducing operating costs and meeting their decarbonization goals. DataKwip provides innovative data solutions to empower Asset Managers, lower operating expenses, and achieve sustainability goals. Learn more about how DataKwip can help Asset Managers overcome their frustrations and lead the way in sustainability.

The Frustrations of Asset Managers in the Real Estate Industry

Asset Managers in the Real Estate industry face numerous challenges when it comes to reducing operating costs and meeting their decarbonization goals. These challenges stem from a lack of visibility into the operations of their assets, the rising cost of energy, and the growing demand for sustainability.

The Problem of Limited Visibility

One of the main frustrations Asset Managers face is the lack of visibility into the operations of their assets. They heavily rely on property managers and tenants for information, which can be unreliable and incomplete. This lack of visibility makes it difficult for Asset Managers to identify energy-saving opportunities and implement effective strategies.

The Costly Approach of Capital Projects

Another challenge Asset Managers face is the traditional approach of relying on capital projects to achieve their decarbonization goals. These projects require significant upfront capital and have long project timelines. In addition, verifying the payback and performance of these projects presents its own set of challenges. This approach is not aligned with the highest cost of capital available in today's markets and may not provide the desired results.

The Pressure from Rising Energy Costs and Green Initiatives

Asset Managers also face external pressure from rising energy costs, local building energy performance standards, utility incentive programs, and the growing demand for green initiatives. This pressure adds to their frustration and makes it even more challenging to reduce operating costs and meet decarbonization goals.

The Need for Effective Solutions

Asset Managers need a solution that addresses these challenges effectively. They need a solution that provides them with real-time visibility into their assets, identifies specific energy-saving opportunities, and ensures the successful implementation of energy-saving strategies. This solution should also be cost-effective, provide immediate savings, and have a clear return on investment.

Introducing DataKwip: Empowering Asset Managers

At DataKwip, we understand the frustrations and challenges faced by Asset Managers. We are dedicated to empowering Asset Managers in the Real Estate industry to reduce operating costs and meet their decarbonization goals.

Our Data-Driven Approach

DataKwip takes a data-driven approach to help Asset Managers optimize building performance, increase profitability, and exceed their sustainability goals. We leverage data and technology to provide Asset Managers with the tools and expertise they need to be seen as climate-friendly organizations and leaders in the industry.

Cost-Effective Strategies and Immediate Savings

DataKwip offers cost-effective strategies that provide immediate savings without the need for significant upfront capital or long payback periods. Our solutions, such as data integration, virtual submetering, and ECM discovery, enable Asset Managers to reduce energy consumption, operating costs, and carbon footprint by 30%.

Operational Visibility and Predictability

With DataKwip, Asset Managers gain real-time remote awareness of operations, enabling predictability and transparency in asset performance. They can make informed decisions based on data and ensure that their energy-saving strategies are implemented effectively.

Maximizing Utility Incentives

DataKwip also maximizes utility incentives for Asset Managers. Our implementation and verification services ensure reliable return on investment and facilitate the collection of rebate and incentive checks. Asset Managers can confidently implement strategies, save energy and money, and achieve their decarbonization and ESG goals.


Asset Managers in the Real Estate industry face significant frustrations and challenges when it comes to reducing operating costs and meeting decarbonization goals. However, with DataKwip's data-driven solutions, these frustrations can be overcome. Asset Managers can lower costs, increase profits, and create a more sustainable future for their buildings and business. With DataKwip, Asset Managers can confidently navigate the complexities of the industry and lead the way in sustainability.

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