How Asset Managers Can Slash Energy Costs and Boost Profits

January 30, 2024
February 19, 2024
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Brooke Skillan
Team Coordinator

Learn how Asset Managers can slash energy costs and boost profits with DataKwip's innovative data solutions. Identify energy-saving opportunities, implement low-cost energy efficiency solutions, and increase profitability. Find out how DataKwip empowers Asset Managers to reduce operating costs and meet decarbonization goals.

How Asset Managers Can Slash Energy Costs and Boost Profits

At DataKwip, we understand the challenges faced by Asset Managers in the Real Estate industry when it comes to reducing operating costs and meeting decarbonization goals. That's why we've developed innovative data solutions to help Asset Managers save thousands on energy costs and increase profitability.

Identifying Energy-Saving Opportunities

The first step in reducing energy costs is identifying energy-saving opportunities. Asset Managers often struggle with limited visibility into the operations of their assets, which are largely determined by property managers and tenants. This lack of visibility makes it difficult to pinpoint areas where energy efficiency improvements can be made.

Our data-driven approach at DataKwip solves this problem by providing Asset Managers with real-time remote awareness of their operations. Through our fully integrated cloud platform, Asset Managers can gain operational visibility and identify specific energy-saving opportunities. We leverage data and technology to enable Asset Managers to make informed decisions and lower their operating expenses.

Implementing Low-Cost Energy Efficiency Solutions

Once energy-saving opportunities have been identified, the next step is to implement low-cost energy efficiency solutions. Traditional approaches, such as major capital projects, require significant upfront capital and have long project timelines. These approaches are not aligned with the highest cost of capital available in today's markets.

At DataKwip, we offer a new approach that allows Asset Managers to achieve energy savings without the need for upfront capital or long payback periods. Our virtual submetering feature shows where energy is going without requiring additional hardware. Additionally, our ECM discovery feature quantifies specific no and low-cost energy savings opportunities in dollars and carbon.

We also provide implementation and verification services to ensure reliable return on investment and maximize utility incentives. With our data-driven solutions, Asset Managers can implement cost-effective strategies and achieve their decarbonization goals.

Increasing Profitability and Reducing Operating Costs

By implementing low-cost energy efficiency solutions, Asset Managers can not only reduce their energy costs but also increase profitability. Lower operating costs directly contribute to higher profits and improved financial performance.

Moreover, reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint is increasingly important in today's market. Customers and investors are seeking climate-friendly organizations and demanding sustainable practices. By working with DataKwip, Asset Managers can be seen as leaders in the industry and attract environmentally-conscious customers and investors.


DataKwip empowers Asset Managers in the Real Estate industry to save thousands on energy costs and increase profitability. Our data-driven solutions provide operational visibility, identify specific energy-saving opportunities, and ensure energy savings and incentives programs are successfully implemented.

With DataKwip, Asset Managers can confidently implement strategies, save energy and money, and achieve their decarbonization and ESG goals. By leveraging data and technology, Asset Managers can create a more sustainable future for their buildings and business.

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